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417Shopping.com is for both the local shopper and the local business owner. The goal for 417Shopping.com is to help locally-owned businesses promote and market. And with this, shoppers (all of us) can find great shopping deals all here on one website.

This 417 Shopping website is for you to find great shopping deals and coupons for shopping at local businesses in Springfield, Missouri and within the 417 area code. You can easily share the good deals you find with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You can also vote on the deals you think are 'Good Deals'.

You can browse the coupons to find great deal. You can share with your friends or tell other business owners.

This 417 Shopping website is created to help you, a local business owner, market and promote your business to shoppers in Springfield, MO and the 417 area.

Contact us to learn more on how you can get your business listed on 417Shopping.com. Read more here about the benefits of 417Shopping.com.

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